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LINEAR Cooling

It’s public knowledge that eating fresh foods is useful to health but with busy lifestyles, visiting the grocery for a fresh stock of vegetables, fruits and meat a day is way from possible. Our next best option—refrigerators. But they too accompany limitations that arise thanks to power cuts or once we continue long vacations and extended weekend trips. What if there was a refrigerator that might keep our food fresh for a extended period of time? Enter LG’s latest Frost Free Refrigerators with LINEAR CoolingTM which helps retain freshness in food for up to 14 days.

Here’s what makes the new range of LG Frost Free Refrigerator an excellent option for a healthy lifestyle:

LINEAR Cooling: This unique technology helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator, thus helping food retain its freshness for as long as up to 2 weeks. It also reduces the temperature gap between difference compartments of the refrigerator.

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